Dental Implants

Dental Implants

From cosmetic procedures to sedation dentistry and so much in between, Linden Oaks Dental is also proud to offer incredible artificial tooth replacements in the form of dental implants.

Implant techniques provide a wide range of tooth replacement solutions including single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, and even full lower replacements and full upper replacements. To find out what would work best to perfect your stunning smile, give our team a call today.

Traditional Root Form Implant

The root form implant is the most popular and effective implant we offer, as it looks like your natural tooth in both size and shape. Additionally, the implant is often as strong as your original tooth. The implant or artificial root is placed into the jawbone under local anesthesia, then allowed to heal and integrate with the bone. Once the healing process is complete and the implant is attached to the jawbone, the patient returns to our office where the implant is fitted with the new tooth. On average, the treatment takes around three to eight months to complete.

Mini Implant

The mini implant is similar to a root form implant in terms of overall design. Mini Implants are best utilized in areas of thin or narrow bone. They are excellent for stabilizing dentures or for areas where your teeth are close together and a narrow implant is desired. Mini implants are also a less expensive alternative to the traditional root form implants.

Implant as a Treatment Option

To serve our patients as a treatment option, these implants are typically made of titanium and surgically placed by one of our dental implant specialists or oral surgeons. They are placed into the jawbone and meant to imitate the root of the tooth. In order to ensure the proper completion of the treatment, a series of visits are required to then fit your permanent crown.

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