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Reducing The Stress Of Dental Care

When it comes time to sit in the dentist’s chair, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit of fear or anxiety. In fact, nearly 8% of people feel such anxiety about the experience that they avoid having dental work done all together. 

Research shows that not having routine dental work done, such as cleanings and cavity fills, has negative impacts on one’s overall health and wellness. So it’s imperative to find ways to combat the fear of the dentist. 

Before going in for a dental appointment, consider the following methods and strategies for lowering your anxiety levels:

  • Ask a person you trust to come with you. Just having someone there to remind you that everything will be okay can provide great peace of mind. 
  • Create a playlist of music that distracts or relaxes you and bring your headphones. This way you’ll have something else to focus on while the dentist does what they need to do. 
  • Practice calming breathing techniques. Maintaining control over your body via stabilizing your breathing can aid in calming a racing mind. 
  • If none of the above is sufficient, consider sedation dentistry. Anesthesia is often used for a variety of dental procedures and is highly effective in alleviating anxiety. Talk to your dentist about the best sedation option for you and the work you need done. 

Linden Oaks Dental strives to provide the best dental services for our patients and we want to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re sitting in our chairs. Call us today to see how we can help you get over your fear of the dentist!

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