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Doing Good For Your Gums

When it comes to oral hygiene, most people focus on the state of their teeth – keeping them free of plaque, getting them cleaned regularly, and ensuring they look good physically. However, proper dental health goes far beyond your teeth! In order to keep your mouth truly healthy, you must take care of your gums as well.

If you neglect your gums, there are pretty serious repercussions. In the worst case scenario, you’ll develop gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. What’s the point of caring for your teeth if you’re going to lose them?

Caring for your gums isn’t a challenge. Chances are, if you’re effectively caring for your teeth, you’re also doing good for your gums. There are additional steps you can take to keep your gums in tip-top shape:

  1. Ensure the toothpaste you’re using has fluoride in it
  2. When brushing your teeth, take the time to brush your gums as well; when you do, do not press too hard – if you see blood, lighten your brush strokes
  3. Don’t forget to floss and use mouthwash when you’re done brushing
  4. After brushing, do not rinse your mouth out with water; by doing so, you’re rinsing the fluoride out of your mouth before your mouth has the opportunity to reap its benefits

If you’re concerned you’re not doing enough for your gums, make an appointment with us. At Linden Oaks Dental, we’re here to help you every step of the way as your strive to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.


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