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Meet Dr. Beneduci

Linden Oaks Dental is thrilled to welcome Dr. Stephanie Beneduci to our team of talented and passionate dentists!

Dr. Beneduci grew up in Northern New Jersey and was inspired by her grandmother, one of the first female stockbrokers in New York City, to pursue her dream of becoming a dentist. Having attended Rochester Institute of Technology for her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences, she is familiar with the Rochester area. She attended dental school at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in Rutgers, New Jersey and completed a one-year residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse. Recently, she decided to return to Rochester to continue her career in dentistry and we are excited to have her on board.

In her freetime, Dr. Beneduci enjoys skiing, fishing, boating and hiking in the Adirondacks with her fiance.

Dr. Beneduci wants her patients to feel comfortable to speak openly and honestly with their hygienists and doctors and feels that Linden Oaks Dental provides a safe and comfortable environment that encompasses that. She wants to learn about her patients’ stories and what they want from their dental experience.

If you are interested in meeting Dr. Beneduci or scheduling an appointment with her, call our office today!

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