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Working With Your Health In Mind

Your oral health is our first priority at Linden Oaks Dental, but your overall physical health is also extremely important to us.

officeWhile you can pick up germs, or a virus or infection anywhere, we take every preventive measure possible at our Rochester, NY office, as advised by the Center for Disease Control and American Dental Association.

When visiting us, you can be assured the four “Signs to Look For” as provided by the ADA around infection control are always in practice:

  1. Hand Washing
  2. Proper Protective Equipment
  3. Clean and Sterile Dental Instruments
  4. Clean Working Surfaces

Our doctors and hygienists wash their hands before and after treating every patient, and always come prepared wearing the proper gear including gloves, masks, gowns and eyewear; and anything disposable is always discarded immediately. You’re also assured disposable tools are never reused, and standard tools work spaces are properly cleaned before each and every use.

We encourage our patients to take similar measures in their everyday lives at home, work, and everywhere else by keeping clean and considering routine vaccinations like the flu shot.

Please let us know if you have any questions about infection control at our office, or steps you can take to ensure a happy, healthy lifestyle to go with great teeth and a confident smile.

Because at Linden Oaks Dental, we care!

Dr. Dvonch
Linden Oaks Dental
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