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Take Your Toothpaste Seriously

It’s a loaded question we get often at Linden Oaks Dental: Which is the best toothpaste to care for your teeth?

imgresWe all know there are many choices out there – but most of them include abrasive ingredients that may damage tooth enamel and, even worse, scratch root surfaces. Root surfaces wear down faster than enamel and can result in ditches in the root surface at the gum edge.

That being said, the best toothpaste isn’t necessarily a toothpaste at all. Instead try mouthwash, used with a toothbrush. We recommend ACT Rinse, which has fluoride. Simply dip your toothbrush in the rinse, then clean to remove particles around the teeth without the abrasive effects.

If you love toothpaste and prefer to keep using it, choose a paste with fluoride only – nothing with enhancements like tartar control, whitening or multicare. One of our favorites that meets these requirements is Pronamel, from Sensodyne.

Toothpaste is still the standard for oral hygiene, but consider these facts.

Dr. Andrew Dvonch
Linden Oaks Dental