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Understanding DIY Teeth Alignment

Recently, I saw a TV commercial about SmileDirectClub – which offers at-home, invisible teeth alignment. Interesting concept.

six-months-bracesTo get started with SmileDirectClub, you either visit a “SmileShop” to administer 3D captures of your teeth, or order an Impression Kit ($79) that is delivered to your home. Along with providing your dental history, one of these will determine if you’re a match for their program.

If your oral situation qualifies for SmileDirectClub, next you’ll receive treatment options, which are similar in cost to what you would pay at your regular dentist or orthodontist for the same type of procedure. Yet with the same diagnosis – misalignment of teeth caused by crowding and narrowing of the arch – the process and end result may be very different.

SmileDirectClub will send you an aligner, which actually needs to adjust between your teeth for optimal results. But it’s not something the average person can manage at home, by themself. A dentist or orthodontist will be able to identify which teeth need to move, and then polish them properly to create space for optimal alignment, long-term comfort and, most important, a happier smile.

We understand there’s convenience, and possibly a sense of satisfaction in handling dental work typically done at an office at home, by yourself. But it comes without the assurance of a job done right, by a professional. If you’re considering braces or orthodontic work, while SmileDirectClub is a modern and alternative option, the choice is ultimately yours.

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Dr. Dvonch
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