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A Safer Approach to Spring Sports

Facial and oral injuries happen often in competitive athletics, but many times can be avoided.

EleczkoMouthGuard_MainIn fact, proper use of a mouthguard prevents over 200,000 injuries in high school and college football alone each year according to the ADA, not even considering the myriad other sports. To put it into perspective, in one of those other sports – basketball – 34% of injuries reported were orofacial, while those reported over the same time in football, where mouthguards are generally required or strongly recommended, were only .07%.

Dental injuries are the most common from sporting activities. And when not properly treated, they can produce long-term dental discomfort and issues, and lead to an average of $10,000 to $15,000 in costs per tooth over a lifetime.

By advising the young athletes in your life to use a mouthguard – no matter what sport they play – physical and financial risks are minimized and good sports safety habits instilled. But it’s important to know the best mouthguard option for the situation.

About 90% of mouthguards used by athletes are generic, pre-sized and purchased at a sporting goods store. The other 10% are custom designed and made by a health or dental professional. If you opt for the store version, consider the type of material used, and the preparation and fitting process.

If you have questions about retail mouthguard options or would like more information on a custom mouthguard, please let us know. More than anything, when you or an athlete you love is playing competitive sports, always choose to wear a mouthguard.


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