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Proper Oral Care During Pregnancy

We all know a healthy lifestyle is important for expecting mothers. That includes oral health.

bigstock-Attractive-pregnant-woman-hold-22044521One recent report states dental health begins at the time of conception; and the mother-to-be should be aware of how sugary and high-starch foods, and plaque control can have a lifelong effect.

Common family germs will also carry over to the child shortly after birth. Babies aren’t born without their own oral flora, and eventually adapt to their surroundings.

That said, increased oral awareness and care by the mother can be highly beneficial. Another study revealed that 40% of pregnant women in the U.S. suffer from gum disease or cavities. So it’s important to know that related dental treatments and procedures are completely safe for pregnant women. Future moms are encouraged to stay consistent with preventive maintenance and contact your dentist if sore gums, a toothache, or any other symptoms appear during pregnancy.

With more awareness around the connection between pregnancy and oral health, expecting moms can do both themselves and their growing babies a favor before birth. If you have any questions please contact us.

Dr. Dvonch
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