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Black Is Not The New White

We’re all looking for the next big thing in oral hygiene. I’m here to tell you, I don’t believe charcoal whitening is one of them.

charcoal-brush-instagram1It may have been surprising to hear that some toothpaste contains abrasives, as we discussed in a previous blog post. If you know anything about charcoal in its purest form (think BBQ bricks), it probably isn’t that shocking to hear that its coarse texture can also be very rough on your mouth, teeth, and gums.

If you look online, there are many advocates for charcoal whitening products and procedures such as Tuxedo, claiming it’s an all-natural way to remove stains and revitalize the white in your teeth. But the American Dental Association has tested this theory, and finds no evidence that charcoal is an effective cleaning agent, or that it aides overall oral health.

In fact, researching dentists emerge more concerned about how it may negatively affect the gums and teeth enamel. Because it’s a new concept, there isn’t much confirmation of safety or effectiveness – not to mention the lack of success.

If you crave whiter teeth, we advise against giving charcoal a try. Stick with more traditional, trusted methods approved by dental professionals. At Linden Oaks we’re proud to offer Zoom! Whitening and the Whitening For Life program to brighten and maintain healthy-looking teeth.

Dr. Dvonch
Linden Oaks Dental
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