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Understand and Listen to Your Jaw

Some people are born and grow up with minor jaw cracking, which isn’t considered a medical issue or cause for concern. In fact, the exact causes of a creaky jaw have not been fully identified by doctors. The most common catalyst is forced mouth opening, and air bubbles in the synovial fluid of jaw joints.

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However, the jaw joint is considered special and different than other joints in the body, and sudden abnormalities or symptoms that appear over a short period of time are usually treated immediately.

Contact your doctor if you experience:

  • Jaw aches when chewing food
  • Jaw aches when opening your mouth for an extended period of time
  • Reduced mouth opening
  • The feeling that your teeth don’t fit together correctly when biting

Also, for people with a history of hypersensitive joints, it’s important to alert your dentist that you’ll need frequent breaks when visiting for a cleaning or other treatments. Not doing so may lead to jaw cracking or other discomfort.

As with most medical situations, the absence of pain doesn’t always mean everything is in order. If you experience any change in your jaw including cracking, creaking, pain or any other discomfort, we recommend contacting your doctor.

You can learn more about jaw cracking and care in this video from Checkdent.

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